Crowberry Wood

Enhancing Security and Customer Experience for Crowberry Wood in Helmsley.

About Crowberry Wood:

Crowberry Wood is a Yorkshire based clothing & homeware business. Their decision to transition from an online platform to a store required careful consideration of security measures. They aimed to protect their valuable merchandise from potential theft without compromising the charm of their historic shopfit, including a small wooden-framed entrance.

The Solution:

Understanding the requirements from Crowberry Wood, our team at Tagmax proposed an innovative solution: a standard loop tagging system without the use of side antennas.

We collaborated closely with Crowberry Wood to assess their specific needs and constraints. Given the limited space at the entrance, our team recommended a standard loop tagging system, which is known for its efficiency in detecting security tags while minimising false alarms. The absence of side antennas allowed the discreet installation of the system without detracting from the store's vintage ambiance.

The team meticulously planned and executed the installation process to ensure optimal functionality while preserving the store's historic charm. All cabling was concealed beneath wooden capping, effectively camouflaging the system within the surroundings. The discrete tagging solution not only safeguarded merchandise but also provided an unobtrusive customer experience, allowing visitors to focus on the store's unique offerings.

The successful implementation of our discrete tagging system yielded significant benefits for Crowberry Wood. The store's merchandise remained protected from theft, bolstering confidence in their decision to establish a physical presence on the High Street. The unobtrusive security measures also contributed to an enhanced shopping experience for customers, fostering a sense of trust and comfort.

Crowberry Wood expressed great satisfaction with the Tagmax solution. The seamless integration of the tagging system with the store's historic shopfit met their expectations precisely. The discreet yet robust security measures provided peace of mind for the store's management, allowing them to focus on delivering an exceptional shopping experience to their customers.

In need of discrete tagging systems? Choose Tagmax!

By implementing a standard loop tagging system without side antennas and concealing all cabling, Tagmax ensured that Crowberry Wood's transition to the High Street was not only secure but also in line with their unique brand identity.

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