Fendi, Sloane Street

Fendi – A Tradition of Artisan Luxury

A keen designer of leather and fur clothing from a young age, Adele Casagrande renamed her workshop in honour of her new husband, Edoardo Fendi in 1925, as the pair went on to grow a fashion house that quickly gained a following around Italy for the quality of its products.

In the years after the Second World War, the Fendi's five daughters took control of the company and re-shaped it in order to take a more creative approach. This ambition was realised in 1965 when the famed German designer, Karl Lagerfeld, joined the company as creative director. Responsible for the unique 'double F' logo that is interchangeable with the Fendi name, Lagerfeld, along with the five Fendi daughters, went on to establish a world-renowned, high-class brand.

The DNA of the brand is built on the craftsmanship and luxury fabrics that reflect Adele Casagrande's original work. Some of their classic products include shoes, scarves and especially their Baguette, 2jours, Peekaboo and Pequin range of handbags. Loved by celebrities and the public alike for their unique take on the fur and leather fashion accessories they create, Fendi continues their tradition of bringing artisan luxury to the high street.

The Challenge – The Provision of A Comfortable Atmosphere

As if to highlight their high-quality nature, Fendi's London outlets are located in New Bond Street, Harrods, Oxford Street, Knightsbridge and Sloane Square. Being such well-known shopping areas will only help to attract a vast crowd of shoppers. Sadly, not all 'shoppers' intentions will be genuine and as such, retailers in the area need to be in a position to protect their stock.

The challenge presented to us by Fendi was the need for them to retain the in-store atmosphere that is befitting of their high-class, innovative brand. Whilst genuine customers can feel free to look around, trying out products that catch their eye, those who enter the store with bad intentions will be deterred, or at least tracked in the act of stealing. This is why our solution was a hidden security tagging system.

Hidden Security System

In order to meet the requirements of the store, we put in place a hidden tagging system close all entrances/exits. This type of system is able to provide a number of benefits, the most important one being the ability to sufficiently track if a tagged product is potentially making its way out of the store.

A hidden security tagging system also presents an opportunity to open up space within the store. Sometimes, this space may be required as a necessity; whether it's due to the layout of the building, or the need to display products. At other times, space may be needed simply for aesthetic reasons. Regardless of the reason, a hidden system is able to perform just as well as a visible one when it comes to tracking tagged products – giving retailers that peace of mind that they can find the balance between security and space. The high value stock is protected in a number of ways with a range of passive discreet security tags as well as the latest alarming tags, which give not only excellent garment security but the highest detection rate for hidden systems on the market today.

Regardless if their shopping experience is being undertaken down some of the world's most well-known shopping areas, or in the local supermarket, genuine customers will want to feel comfortable whilst browsing products. Often, it's the atmosphere of a store that makes all the difference in a customer choosing to buy a product – if someone feels relaxed and catered for, they'll be more likely attracted to the products on offer. Without the presence of visible security systems, genuine shoppers are able to go about their experience without feeling that their every move is being monitored. For those with bad intentions, the opposite is true.

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