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Installing a security tagging system for Fordes Homeware

Why were Fordes seeking a security tagging system?

Not only are Fordes new to retail security tagging – they're relatively new to the interior design retailing game full-stop. Starting life in 2020 from an industrial estate in Dunmow, the new company negotiated the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic to build a strong customer base. Needing more space, they quickly expanded into new premises –now they require another new shop.

With any type of retail growth comes a question of security – it can be difficult to keep a top of the security of one store, let alone multiple sites. Therefore, the company made the decision to install a security tagging system in both of their stores. Not only does this fulfil the need for security of their products and relay concerns of staff, getting a secure infrastructure down early in the business' life will doubtless help build a strong brand perception when the time comes to expand into even more outlets.

The project.

After understanding the nature of the products Fordes' sold, we recommend our 'Optimum System' – which allows for the use of both hard tags and adhesive labels. The OPTIMUMAM System is an acous to magnetic system; fully digital, it has outstanding detection which not only allows for superb tracking of tags, it minimises the number of false alarms too. The system can also be equipped with optional, integrated with features like people counting, metal detection, magnet detection and remote diagnostics too – ideal for any business with expansion in mind, like Fordes.

After agreeing on the security tagging system, our installers were brought in during the shop fit stage of the new store – with new stores, this helps us to arrange all cable runs and power supplies to get things up and running. However, certain elements were not in place for when they were needed, so we had to return on four separate occasions to work around the client. One challenge that presented itself was the location of the pedestal – the original position was affected by a ramp leading into the store, so we had to work to find a more suitable place. We achieved this by creating a raised bed on the shop floor.

The client was delighted with the works we performed and opened their new site as planned.

Tagmax: a leading retail security advice

For over 20 years, the expert retail security team here at Tagmax have been working in the industry, bringing the best, most innovative retail security tags that the world's manufacturers have to offer. Coupled with that, they have also offered a helping hand to those needing the right advice and assistance to how best to look after their in-store security.

So, if you would like to learn more about our security tagging systems, security tags or simply have some retail security questions, give us a call on 0800 044 3160. Alternatively, you can send any e-mail enquiries to us at and we'll get in touch as soon as possible.

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