French Connection Arndale Centre

Enhancing Security and Efficiency at French Connection Arndale with Tagmax's Tagging System

French Connection, a leading fashion retailer, sought to improve security and streamline operations at its Arndale Centre site. Needing coverage across a wide 6-meter area, they required a robust tagging system to monitor inventory efficiently and blend seamlessly with the store's layout. Leveraging on Tagmax's two-decade expertise in providing tagging solutions, they entrusted us with this project.


The installation presented several challenges, primarily due to the unique shape and size of the shop space, coupled with the presence of a roller shutter. Accommodating these factors while ensuring optimal coverage and functionality of the tagging system required careful planning and execution. Additionally, coordinating with the shopfitters and designers was essential to ensure a seamless integration of the tagging system into the store's aesthetic and operational requirements.

Tagmax's Solution:

Our expert team devised a customised solution tailored to French Connection's specific needs. The installation involved the deployment of a row of four pedestals configured in an RX-TX-TX-RX layout to achieve the desired coverage area efficiently. Despite the complexities posed by the shop's layout and the presence of the roller shutter, we executed the installation with precision and professionalism. The collaboration between the Tagmax team and the store's stakeholders, including shopfitters and designers, facilitated a smooth and seamless integration of the tagging system into the store environment.

The successful implementation of our tagging system at French Connection Arndale resulted in a highly satisfied customer. The tagging system provided comprehensive coverage, effectively monitoring inventory movements within the designated area. French Connection benefited from enhanced security measures and improved operational efficiency, contributing to a seamless shopping experience for customers.

Select Tagmax for Superior Retail Security Solutions

By partnering with Tagmax to deploy an advanced tagging system, French Connection Arndale was able to address its security and operational challenges effectively. For businesses aiming to boost security without causing issues with their current inventory, our complete solutions are an ideal option.

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