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Why Fuller's Were Seeking CCTV Installers

Founded in Chiswick, West London in 1845, Fuller, Smith& Turner PLC is an independent family-owned regional brewer and premium pub operator. It is based at Chiswick's historic Griffin Brewery, in which brewing has taken place continuously since 1654. Today, Fuller's represents one of the country's largest brewery firms and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

With Fuller's managed property portfolio comprising of around 200 pubs, inns and hotels across the South and Midlands of England –from Brighton to Birmingham, Bristol to Greenwich – they had decided that the time was right to upgrade and coordinate their CCTV security, taking advantage of more-modern innovations, such as high definition and internet connectivity to do so.

The existing security infrastructure across their properties was a diverse range of analogue CCTV that offered poor, low-quality image resolution and no remote access to the footage. Any large network of managed properties simply needs a network of high quality CCTV to offer safety to its staff and customers, contributing to an atmosphere that would be enjoyed by all.

The Solution

One of the key considerations of the project was that whilst there was no doubting the existing equipment would have to be upgraded, the costs of re-cabling every single site proved to be prohibitive – and due to the construction of many of the buildings, difficult to achieve too.

Our plans propose supplying and installing Hikvision Turbo HD systems to the sites that needed an upgrade to the camera, the recorder or both – the Turbo HD system allows for the recording of 1080p HD images and is able to utilise Fuller's existing cabling systems.

Whilst the existing sites would take advantage of the Turbo HD, any new or refurbished sites would be installed with Hikvision's IP cameras and NVR's (Network Video Recorders). Capable of recording images at a 3 or 4-megapixel HD quality, Hikvision's IP cameras are also able to create a secure network that allows for easy remote access.

Both the Turbo HD and the IP systems have the same familiar operating systems, which makes it easy for managers and staff to quickly familiarise themselves with the different cameras and operate them as required.The NVR's we installed offer 16 and 32-channels and are capable of connecting to 160mbps of bandwidth, meaning that they are able to deliver images as and when they occur on site.

We're pleased to say that Fuller's agreed with our assessment, recommendations and timetable and at the time of writing, we have converted more than 85 of their pubs and hotels over the last 18 months using a combination of the Turbo HD and IP Systems.

The clarity provided by the cameras have already helped to provide evidence to police whenever any incidents have taken place in-or-around some of the sites. As we work towards rolling out the cameras in all of Fuller's properties, the planned migration path has been designed to take advantage of the latest Hikvision updates as and when they are released. This gives the company the opportunity to keep on top of the benefits of the latest technology without the need to begin another upgrading process again.

“We have been very pleased with the progress that we have made with Hikvision and Maxtag over the last 18 months. We have an increasingly standardised estate with regards to CCTV, which is helping to reduce faults and improve the service that we can provide to our pubs. With the need to protect privacy becoming more critical, we expect centralised management to become increasingly important." – Oliver Boardman, Head of Digital and IT Operations, Fuller's.

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