Hall Grove School, Surrey


With over 400 children spread across 9 year groups, pick up and drop off is busy to say the least with lots of cars coming and going up and down the school drive during morning and evening sessions. The schools priority was to ensure the safety of the children, staff and parents during these times. The school was also keen to make provision to protect high value IT equipment in the classrooms as well as ground care machinery in out buildings which keeps the school grounds in immaculate condition. The overall goal was maximize onsite security for the school, both during term time and holidays, also to have a system that was accessible remotely.


The location of cameras across the school grounds meant that the cameras were going to be far away from the recording hub and far apart from each other. With no underground ducts available to use for pulling cables and cameras to be attached to various poles, fences and buildings spread across the school grounds, we had to design a solution to over come all these factors.

The first site visit allowed for a detailed review of what was required, but with flexibility to change, should the need be required. After careful review, we agreed on a number of ideas which would deliver the required result.

The Solution

We recommended a Hikvision IP System utilizing and number of different style camera models. Cameras were attached to school buildings where appropriate, tennis court fencing, lamp posts and even trees where necessary. Two of the school buildings had a fibre link and this was utilized to bring all the cameras back to one place.

Where cameras had to be installed in remote locations a wireless bridge was used to bring images back to the NVR.

Equipment Used

Hikvision DS-2CD2232-I5 3Mp Bullet Cameras

Hikvision DS-2CD4625FWD-IZ 8-32MM ANPR

Hikvision DS-7716NI-SP-16TB NVR x 2

The Result

Hall Grove now has a fully operational IP camera system covering all the key areas of the school. The system is a series of IP cameras spread across several buildings both internal and external. Areas covered include, entrance driveway, school car parks, turning circles, machinery and ground care buildings, key perimeter protection to IT and main school buildings.

Two 16 Channel NVR's are linked together via the internet to form one remote viewing platform. Wireless bridges were used to connect remotely located cameras.

The new preschool cameras are linked to the main school utilizing the existing fibre connection.

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