Fitting out a tag security system for Hamleys at Westfield

As the oldest toy shop in the world, Hamleys do not need much of an introduction – first opening on High Holborn in 1760, 'Noah's Ark' was operated by William Hamley, passing through his family in the following decades. By the 1840s, the store was operated by Hamley's grandson, adopting its now-famous name, and counted royalty and nobility amongst its many customers.

After several issues (including the original store burning down and financial issues that saw the brand fall into receivership) Hamleys was sold to several different owners throughout the next 150 years, growing its portfolio of stores by the turn of the millennium.

Today, there are 15 Hamleys stores in the UK – with many more planned in the coming years. Internationally, Hamleys has over 90 franchises and has cemented itself as the shop to go to for 'The World's Finest Toys and Games'.

Their new Westfield store is an example of the brand's ambition to strengthen its reputation – one of London's newest shopping destinations providing more people with the opportunity to enjoy Hamleys products.

As such, they require protection – and this is where our tag security system came in.

The Project & Solution

The CEO wanted a discreet tagging system – no visible systems like a pedestal at the exit. Discreet systems are ideal if say, a retailer wanted to save space on the shop floor, wanted the shop floor to keep a certain aesthetic look or simply wanted to set a less 'watchful atmosphere'.

Discreet systems are installed 'under the floor' and operate in the same (and at the same quality) as a visible pedestal. They work both with hard tags and adhesive labels, which is perfect for are tailer like Hamleys who has a wide variety of products to protect.

We did the job of fitting out the tag security system in two phases – first, we buried the cables in the floor. This allowed the shop fitters to get to work, creating the store's aesthetics. Once everything was in place, we performed our second fix – which saw us connect the cables to the control units. Doing the job in 2 phases saved time and much labour – the shop fit took 5 months to complete, so getting the cables down first was key. We completed everything in quick time and instructed staff on how to use the system effectively.

The store was able to welcome customers in time for Christmas and we're pleased to say that they're currently doing very well in their new location!

Need a tagging security system for your store? Let us help!

Here at Tagmax, our process makes it easy to ensure your store is safe and secure for customers and employees a like. Our comprehensive range of loss prevention services are tailored specifically to fit the size, industry, and requirements of every kind of retail business – from major high street names down to small local stores. Protection is what matters most with Tagmax and we are here to improve your shop security, no matter your size or industry.

If you would like to learn more about how we can put in place a tag security system for your store, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. Give us a call on 0800 044 3160 or send an e-mail to sales@tagmax.com and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

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