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Our work, replacing an old retail security tagging system for Hughes Electrical

A well-known company based in Suffolk, Hughes Electrical are a family-owned business (now in its third generation) that places high value on creating a welcoming and enjoyable environment. With security being a massive factor in promoting such an atmosphere, ensuring that their products are protected is about more than just profits.

We had installed the previous system in their Norwich store over 8 years ago – with much-improved products now available on the market, Hughes were looking to upgrade to an AM system, whichis capable of tracking on more frequencies and throughout larger areas.

The decision to upgrade was compelled uponthem – a contractor had screwed a last man out switch onto the base of thepedestal and went through the electrics, rendering it ineffective. Instead of arepair, Hughes decided to upgrade their pedestals – making for a better, longer-term tagging security solution.

We installed two new Optimum AM pedestalsin just one day – we had to source special trunking to cover cables and had to manufacture extra-long cables between each pedestal due to the cable run that was required.

All works were completed in just one day and went without a hitch – we're delighted to say that the company were pleased with the swiftness the job took and our professionalism through out the entire process. They can now enjoy a much more secure store and concentrate oncontinuing making their business a success.

What is the Optimum system? Why is it great for retailers?

The OPTIMUMAM System is an acousto magnetic (AM) system; fully digital, it has outstanding detection which not only allows for superb tracking of tags, it minimises the number of false alarms too. The system can also be equipped with optional, integrated with features like people counting, metal detection, magnet detection and remote diagnostics too – ideal for any retail business to both protect and progress their operation.

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Protect people and profits with retail security systems by Tagmax

Here at Tagmax, we are dedicated to helping retail stores to keep up with the latest changes in security technology – providing customers with cutting edge security tags and tagging systems that protect their products and people in better ways than ever before. We can offer our expertise in store design and how to maintain a high level of security through out.

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