Hurleys Menswear

Project Overview:

Hurleys Menswear initiated a store refurbishment project and identified the need for an updated tagging system to complement the new store layout. Tagmax was entrusted with the task of installing the Optimum tagging system to elevate security measures and improve overall operational efficiency.

Project Scope:

Tagging System Upgrade:

The primary objective was to replace the existing tagging system with the latest Optimum AM pedestals, known for their advanced security features.
The new system aimed to provide enhanced protection against theft while seamlessly integrating with the store's refreshed aesthetics.

Refit Installation:

Our team at Tagmax collaborated with the Hurleys team to install the Optimum tagging system during the ongoing store refit.
The installation included the setup of two Optimum AM pedestals strategically positioned to optimise coverage and deter potential shoplifting.

Cable Management:

To maintain a clean and unobtrusive store layout, all cables associated with the tagging system were discreetly routed under the floor.
This approach not only ensured a tidy appearance but also minimised any disruption to the shopping environment.

Pedestal Placement Optimisation:

Strategically placing the two Optimum AM pedestals required a meticulous approach to maximise coverage without hindering the shopping experience. Our experts conducted a thorough analysis of store layouts to determine optimal locations.

Seamless Cable Integration:

Running cables under the floor demanded precision to avoid any interference with the store's infrastructure. Our skilled technicians at Tagmax ensured seamless cable integration without compromising safety or aesthetics.

Results and Benefits:

Enhanced Security:

The implementation of the Optimum tagging system significantly improved the store's security measures, deterring theft and safeguarding valuable merchandise.

Streamlined Aesthetics:

The underfloor cable management not only ensured a clutter-free environment but also contributed to the store's refreshed and modernised appearance.

Long-Term Partnership:

The successful execution of the project reinforced the longstanding partnership between Tagmax and Hurleys Menswear. The store continues to benefit from Tagmax's expertise in retail security solutions.

Optimise your retail security with Tagmax:

Our collaboration with Hurleys Menswear on the Optimum tagging system installation exemplifies our team’s commitment to delivering effective and seamless solutions. The project not only met the immediate security needs of the store but also contributed to an enhanced shopping environment.
Contact us today at 0800 044 3160 or email to learn more about how we can improve your shop security.

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