Joseph - Regent St London

Enhancing Retail Security with Tagmax's Discrete Underfloor Loop System

Client Background:

Joseph, located on Regent Street in London, is a renowned fashion retailer known for its high-end clothing collections. With a commitment to quality and style, Joseph has been a longstanding partner of Tagmax, having entrusted them with the installation of various security systems over the years. This recent project marks the 10th collaboration between Joseph and Tagmax.

Client Requirement:

Joseph sought to safeguard its valuable inventory, comprising a wide range of clothing items including coats, jackets, trousers, and shirts. Given the upscale ambiance of the store and the necessity for a discreet security solution, Joseph tasked our team at Tagmax with installing a sophisticated system that would effectively protect their merchandise without compromising the aesthetic appeal of the space.

Tagmax's Solution:

Understanding the unique requirements of Joseph's establishment, we proposed the installation of a discrete underfloor loop system. Due to spatial constraints and the unconventional design of the shop's layout, traditional pedestal installations were impractical. Instead, our expert team opted for an underfloor system, ensuring seamless integration without occupying valuable floor space.

The chosen solution involved the installation of a standard 1.8-metre floor loop system. However, the installation process posed challenges as the shop's floor design incorporated significant amounts of metal. To address this, we collaborated closely with the architects to navigate these obstacles effectively.

To maintain the elegance of the retail environment, all cables and the controller were discreetly routed to a drawer built into one of the display units, ensuring minimal visual impact while maintaining optimal security measures.


Our underfloor loop system delivered exceptional results for Joseph, with a seamless installation process achieved through collaborative efforts. Despite challenges from the unique floor design, our expertise ensured efficiency.

The discreet security system met Joseph's expectations, maintaining the store's upscale ambiance while safeguarding merchandise. In conclusion, our solution addressed Joseph's security needs effectively.

Choose Tagmax for Premium Underfloor Security Solutions

With the project concluded successfully, Joseph conveyed their utmost satisfaction, reaffirming their enduring collaboration with the Tagmax team.

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