Radley in Somerset

Installing A Security Tagging System In Somerset For Radley

The Client.

Radley is awell-known designer and manufacturer of handbags, purses and other women's accessories for the UK and international markets. Established in 1998, they have become a market leader in their industry, with many of their outlets located in some of the more popular shopping centres and thoroughfares in the UK.

Clarks Village plays an important role inserving the people of Somerset – located neatly next to the A39, it is in agreat location to attract shoppers from all over the county. Existing in such a busy shopping centre, it's vital that Radley has a sufficient security infrastructure in place – not just to offer protection to its products, but also to create as a less intrusive environment as possible for customers. A security tagging system is therefore perfect for such a job.

The Project.

While this installation job is quite acommon one for us, the challenge with this particular project was that it had to be done all in one night. This involved the removal of the old system, rewiring and the installation of the new system before the shutters were pulled up for trade. We had to act quickly due to the store being at high risk – any delay and the security of it would have been compromised.

Therefore, we organised quickly and got towork – the security tagging system we fitted was our 'OPTIMUM AM' pedestal system. This is an acousto-magnetic system that has outstanding detection which not only allows for superb tracking of tags but also reduces the number of false alarms too. Its integrated system can also be equipped with optional features like people counting, metal detection and magnet detection – perfect for any retail business that needs to protect its operation.

From initial contact through to project completion – initial quote, survey and installation – the entire job was done in a single week. We're pleased to say that everything went off without a hitchand that the client was delighted with the work.

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Innovative retail security solutions by Tagmax.

At Tagmax, we offer a range of comprehensive retail loss prevention and protection systems to ensure that your outlet is a safeand secure place for customers and staff. No matter the size or industry of your store – whether you represent one of the biggest names on the high street or a small local business, our team can create a custom security solution that matches all your requirements.

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