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What Are EAS Gates? How Can They Help?

Working in conjunction with electronic article surveillance (EAS) tags, EAS gates for retail are designed to sense whenever a tag is taken through its field of monitoring – it's a retail security device that has been around for many years now. Whether it's handbags, clothes or electronics; EAS tags are common sights on the more-expensive products that provide an attractive target for those with bad intentions.

The issue is that systems age and deteriorate – older systems may not even be able to produce a field of monitoring that suits the layout of the store, or even its general requirements. A more modern system is able to be better shaped by the demands of individual stores and can even produce a much-wider monitoring field that will ensure that nobody with bad intentions slips through without an alarm sounding.

Radley: A Vibrant, Unique Brand

As an Australian architect and mother of three young children, living in London in the 1980's, Lowell Harder thought long and hard about taking a different direction in life. A visit from a cousin, who brought some leather bags over from India, sparked some inspiration. After contacting the manufacturer, Lowell struck a deal to import the bags and sold them from a Camden market stall.

It wasn't just all about importing; Lowell arranged to have her own bags made by the company and her stall immediately became one of the more popular in the vast market; these 'exotic' bags contrasting with the seemingly 'run-of-the-mill' bags made in the UK at the time. The stall's popularity alerted buyers from the department chain John Lewis who put in such large orders, that Lowell struggled to keep up with them. More financial backing was needed.

This was originally provided by Tula, an existing handbag producer who agreed to provide the resources required for Lowell to expand her brands, as well as the creative freedom to design new ones. The brand went from strength-to-strength; founded as Radley in 1998, Lowell resisted calls from some of her retailers to 'tone down' the unique, vibrant designs of her products – instead she went one further, by introducing the now-iconic logo.

Inspired by the sight of a dog walker in a black coat and red hat, walking a dog with a red collar, it summed up the 'humour and eccentricity' that she wanted her brand to portray. The Scottie dog motif was born[i]. In 2002, Lowell led a buy-out of Tula and as sales of Radley further increased, it led to the creation of their own dedicated stores to bring their unique bags and accessories to a wider audience.

A Retail Security Solution For Radley

As the vast majority of their stock is on display, the potential for Radley's products to be stolen can be somewhat high. This is why they use tags but the issue is that older EAS systems aren't as adaptable to the store and can even (no pun intended) alarm genuine customers as they walk in.

Although we've installed hidden EAS systems (underfloor and mats) for many of our clients who don't want to make their security measures obvious, for some retailers, a visible system is preferable in order to provide a deterrent. It works on the same principle of the (visible) EAS tag – if anyone with bad intentions spots one, then they'll be less likely to go ahead and take the item. While they see a chance, they might take it.

The solution we implemented was the installation of two EAS gates, either side of the exit of the store that would be transparent (along with a noticeable white trim); matching the overall aesthetics, fitting in with the look of the store. With a larger field of monitoring, the staff at the store are now able to be made aware of the potential of a tagged product being stolen, before anyone can make good their escape.

Looking To Improve Your Own Retail Security? Get In Touch With Maxtag Today

No matter the size or industry of your store – whether you represent one of the biggest names on the high street, or a small local business – the team here at Maxtag can create a custom security solution that will match all of your requirements, and more.

The work we've undertaken for Radley not only shows our commitment to providing the latest EAS gates but also our resourcefulness in finding the right products to match the look and feel of the store in question. With setting 'the right atmosphere' being a somewhat important aspect in a person's shopping experience – an EAS system does not only help with tracking potential shoplifters, it can also work to inspire confidence in genuine customers.

If you would like to learn more about how we can put in place a security solution for your store, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our security experts today. Give us a call on 0800 044 3160 or send an e-mail to us at enquiries@maxtag.com.

[i] https://www.radleycollector.com/the-history-of-radley/

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