Rokit, Cardiff

Tagmax's Successful Integration at Rokit, Cardiff


Rokit has been a valued client of Tagmax for over 25 years, dating back to the opening of their first shop in Covent Garden. Specialising in vintage clothing, including rare finds, Rokit has consistently relied on Tagmax for efficient and reliable security solutions.

Rokit approached Tagmax with a specific challenge – they wanted to replace a competitor's security equipment with Tagmax's advanced Acousto-Magnetic (AM) system. The requirement included removing the existing equipment and seamlessly integrating the new system within a tight timeframe.

Tagmax's Solution:

Our team proposed the installation of an Optimum pedestal system using power poles, a choice designed to meet the unique needs of Rokit's Cardiff location. The Optimum pedestals utilised power poles, with the power source cleverly routed from the ceiling to the existing bases. This configuration allowed for a clean and efficient integration without disrupting the flooring, which remained unchanged due to the presence of electronic sliding doors.

The project involved the installation of both TRX and RX pedestals, ensuring comprehensive coverage for Rokit's valuable inventory. The integration of power poles became a crucial aspect of the solution, given the existing electronic sliding doors and the need to preserve the original flooring.

Despite the complexity of the project, we executed the installation with precision and efficiency. The timeline was particularly challenging, with only four days allocated from the negotiation phase to the completion of installation. Our team worked seamlessly to remove the competitor's equipment, install the Optimum pedestal system, and ensure the new AM system was fully operational within the stipulated timeframe.


The successful completion of the project left Rokit highly satisfied with our team’s expertise and commitment. The new Acousto-Magnetic system provided enhanced security for Rokit's vintage clothing, including rare and valuable items. The client expressed their contentment with Tagmax's ability to meet the tight deadline without compromising on the quality of the installation.

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Tagmax's innovative approach, technical proficiency, and commitment to client satisfaction were pivotal in the successful integration of the Optimum pedestal system at Rokitt's Cardiff location.

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