Russell & Bromley Regent Street

Installing A Security Tagging System In London For Russel and Bromley

The Client

Russell & Bromley has remained synonymous with expert craftsmanship and fashion-led design for over 140 years. They specialise inluxury shoes and handbags for men and women, remaining the definitive choice for people seeking out high-quality, opulent brands.

Still a family-run business with up to 50 stores through out the UK, they end eavour to offer the same personal service to customers as they did at the time of their founding. Setting a relaxed atmosphere in-store was one of the other reasons (aside from the protection of their products) that they were seeking to establish stringent security at their new Regent Street store. And this is where we came in.

The Project

Seeking a better-defined space, Russell and Bromley relocated to the shop next door – maintaining their presence on one of the UK's most well-known shopping streets. Having worked with them for many years, we are aware that they prefer a 'discreet' tagging system, so our solution was amat-based system that not only works with tags but adhesive labels too (hard tags and sticky labels).

We've spoken about the benefits of a discreet tagging system on our blog before – the key benefits that they'll provide include the freeing up of shop floor space and preserving any branding ideas that the store may have for its layout (there'll be no physical system blocking anything, etc).

The most overriding benefit that a discreet tagging system provides, however, is that it provides a welcoming environment for customers –people can navigate the store with ease and not feel uneasy in what they might perceive as a 'watchful environment'. The store can create a welcoming environment like this WITHOUT having to compromise on the quality of their tagging security.

We worked closely with the shopfitter to first and second fix the system. This enables the underfloor security tagging system to work seamlessly with the shop floor – nothing was moved out of place or compromised to fit it in.

The project was completed without a hitch and the client was able to open their new shop on time and were once again delighted with the results.

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