SOUTH.ST In Westfield Stratford City

Creating a Security Tagging System In Westfield For SOUTH.ST

The Client

SOUTH.ST, known for its popularity and success in their home country, embarked on their first venture in the UK. With a history of operating multiple shops in Australia and a strong online presence, this brand was set to make a big impact in the UK market. Their flagship store in Westfield Stratford City represented their entry point into the UK retail landscape and as such, were seeking to establish a safe, secure environment from the off.

The Project

With the aim of protecting all merchandise within the store, Tagmax implemented a specialised RFID overhead antenna system. The unique layout and constraints of the store required a solution that did not involve floor-mounted pedestals or installations on the metallic doorframe.

The overhead antenna system proved to be the most suitable option for this small shop, allowing us to maintain control over the designated ‘no tag zone’ more effectively. Despite the challenges presented by the store's layout and doorframe material, we successfully installed the system, ensuring comprehensive security for the merchandise.

SOUTH.ST were delighted with the works we performed, being particularly impressed with the tracking ability of their new RFID tagging system. As the brand expands further in the UK, Tagmax looks forward to supporting their security needs and fostering a long-term partnership.

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