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Stine Goya's Retail Security Tagging System In London

Who are Stine Goya?

Stine Goya are a prominent name in Danish fashion – founded in 2006 after designer Stine Goya witnessed 'a lack of lustre in the Scandinavian colour palette', her new brand took inspiration from 'the colours of Copenhagen' to be a vibrant alternative to local and international brands.

The new UK store is the company's first foray outside of Denmark, with Goya, an alumnus of the famed Saint Martins College, commenting that London 'holds a special place in her heart' and is essentially a 'second home'. For many years, the brand has had a base of customers from the UK via eCommerce, so establishing a physical store was very much 'the logical next step', said Goya's husband and CEO, Thomas Hertz.

The project & tagging solution

The new Stine Goya store is located at 45 Beak Street in the West End, with 831sqft of store space. Our role was to supply and install a security tagging system – however, we were only called in with four days until the shop opened for business.

As we've performed many of these projects with tight deadlines before, we have all the experience and know-how required to turn these jobs around – so as soon as we got the call, we quickly mobilised and presented our solution.

The client wanted to install a discreet system, which was particularly challenging because the shopfront was well-worn and made from wood. To solve this issue, we went with a loop door system with decorative trunking (cable protection/concealing) to work around their requirements.

After working around the issue in the time we had, the rest of the installation went smoothly, allowing us to complete the project in good time and instruct staff on how to use and manage their new retail security system. Stine Goya opened on time and welcomed their new customers into a retail space that feels safe and relaxed.

What is a loop retail security system? Why should my store consider installing one?

A loop security system, like the one Goya Stine had us install, is specifically designed to deliver discrete security protection – whether for aesthetic tastes, space needs or simply to create amore 'relaxed' environment without the sight of visible security.

Loop systems are fully integrated into the entrance/exit door frame and are compatible with any AM 58KHz or RF KHz hardtags or adhesive security labels – making them ideal for stores that retail arange of different items, including clothing stores.

The Tagmax team recommends using loop security systems because they have:

- 58Khz technology suitable for entrances from 2 metres wide.
- Extremely good coverage with arange of hard tags & labels.
- Wall mount and concealed floor receivers to suit any doorway.
- The most flexible and reliable invisible system on the market.
- The Digital Loop tagging systemis designed to allow displayed merchandise to dominate the entrance, not detracting from the quality of the store design.
- Lightweight tags weighing only 8 grams provide discreet protection and an obvious deterrent to theft.
- A receiver antenna that can be sprayed to match the colour of the door uprights further blending the system into the shop design scheme.

Interested in learning more about discrete security systems? Why not consider getting in touch with our retail security tagging team today for a no-obligation chat?

Protect people and profits with retail security systems by Tagmax

Here at Tagmax, we are dedicated to helping retail stores to keep up with the latest changes in security technology – providing customers with cutting-edge security tags and tagging systems that protect their products and people in better ways than ever before. We can offer our expertise in-store design and how to maintain a high level of security throughout.

If you are interested in learning more about how your store could benefit from its own retail security system, or simply have some security questions, give us a call on 0800 044 3160. Alternatively, you can send any e-mail enquiries to us at and we'll get in touch as soon as possible.

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