Sunglass Hut and Rayban Flagship Store

Tagmax's Security Solutions for Sunglass Hut and Rayban Flagship Store in Covent Garden

Tagmax was approached by Sunglass Hut and Rayban Flagship store located in Covent Garden to provide security solutions for their premises. This marked the second collaboration between our expert team and the renowned eyewear brands, showcasing a growing partnership.

The primary objective was to safeguard sunglasses and boxed merchandise across two distinct areas: the main Sunglass Hut entrance, the side exit, and the downstairs Rayban section. Each area presented unique security requirements, ranging from visible deterrents to discreet systems.

Tagmax’s Solution:

We devised a tailored security strategy consisting of three distinct systems:

  1. Acrylic Pedestals for Sunglass Hut Main Entrance: To provide a visible deterrent, the Tagmax team installed acrylic pedestals at the main entrance of Sunglass Hut. These pedestals not only secure the merchandise but also act as a deterrent to potential theft.
  2. Mat-Based System for Side Exit: For the side exit, where a discrete system was preferred, we implemented a mat-based solution. This discreet system ensures security without compromising the aesthetic appeal of the area.
  3. Single Pedestal for Rayban Downstairs Entrance: At the downstairs entrance of the Rayban section, our team installed a single pedestal. This solution effectively protects merchandise while seamlessly integrating into the store layout.

To ensure seamless integration, all first fixes were conducted at the onset of the shop fit, with the final adjustments made during the second fix stage. Moreover, we collaborated closely with the shopfitters to address challenges such as adapting the flooring to accommodate the pedestals' installation on a slope, demonstrating flexibility and problem-solving skills.

The implementation of our high quality security solutions resulted in a successful outcome, Sunglass Hut and Rayban Flagship store in Covent Garden now enjoy enhanced security measures tailored to their specific needs. By providing both visible and discreet security systems across different entrances, we effectively addressed the client's requirements while maintaining the integrity of the store's design. The collaborative approach between the Tagmax team and the shopfitters ensured smooth execution, further strengthening the partnership between the parties involved.

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Our innovative solutions contributed to a secure shopping environment, fostering trust and confidence among customers and stakeholders alike. For companies seeking to bolster their security solutions while ensuring compatibility with current inventory, our all-encompassing offerings provide an appealing option.

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