Sunglass Hut Arndale Centre

Enhancing Security for Sunglass Hut at Arndale Centre in Manchester with Tagmax's Standard Optimum AM System


Sunglass Hut at Arndale Centre, Manchester, sought to secure their high-end sunglasses inventory, directly supplied by the customer. Turning to Tagmax for retail security expertise, the collaboration aimed to fortify store security while ensuring compatibility with the supplied tags. This initiative, starting at Arndale Centre, serves as a pioneer for implementing our Standard Optimum AM system in upcoming stores in Newcastle and two locations in Covent Garden.

The primary security solution involved strategically placing two AM pedestals at Sunglass Hut's Arndale Centre location to enhance security at entry and exit points.

Tagmax's Solution:

In response to Sunglass Hut's unique requirement of protecting customer-supplied sunglasses, we provided a tailored solution. Our team installed the Standard Optimum AM system, a reliable and efficient tagging system compatible with the existing tags on the sunglasses. This ensured that the security measures seamlessly integrated with the sunglasses provided by the customer, allowing for a hassle-free retail experience.

The implementation of the Standard Optimum AM system came with the added benefit of concealing all cables and power supply units. This not only enhanced the aesthetics of Sunglass Hut's store but also contributed to a clutter-free and organised space.


The collaboration between Sunglass Hut and Tagmax resulted in a successful implementation of the security system, leaving the customer delighted with the outcome. The two AM pedestals, strategically positioned, effectively protected Sunglass Hut's valuable sunglasses inventory. With all cables and power supply units discreetly hidden away, the store maintained a clean and professional appearance.

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The seamless integration of the Standard Optimum AM system not only met the specific needs of Sunglass Hut but also set the stage for future installations in other stores. For businesses looking to enhance their security measures while maintaining compatibility with existing inventory, our comprehensive solutions offer a compelling choice.

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