Sunglass Hut Blue Water

Sunglass Hut – Bluewater Installation

Sunglass Hut, a renowned retailer specialising in designer sunglasses, sought to enhance the security of their eyewear at their Bluewater location. As part of an ongoing rollout, this project marked the 8th site where Tagmax provided its specialised security solutions.

Client Requirements

  1. Installation of X Clear Pedestals: Sunglass Hut required the installation of a pair of X Clear standard system pedestals.
  2. Wide Exit Coverage: The system needed to cover a 2-meter-wide exit to secure all types of glasses and frames effectively.
  3. Aesthetic Considerations: The installation had to be clean and integrate seamlessly with the store’s design, working in coordination with shopfitters and designers.

Tagmax’s Solution

System Selection and Customisation:

  • Tagmax selected the X Clear standard system for its reliability and effectiveness in protecting various types of eyewear.
  • To meet the specific requirement of covering a 2-meter-wide exit, we customised the installation to fit within the spatial constraints of the retail space.

Installation Process:

  • Pedestal Installation: Two X Clear pedestals were installed, providing comprehensive coverage for the store's exit.
  • Cable Management: All cables were first fixed to the side wall, ensuring minimal visual disruption and maintaining a clean aesthetic.
  • Coordination: The installation process involved close collaboration with the shopfitters and designers to ensure the system was integrated seamlessly with the store’s interior design.


The installation was efficient and high-quality, enhancing security for all glasses and frames while maintaining the store’s visual appeal with concealed cables and unobtrusive pedestals. Sunglass Hut praised the outcome and the seamless coordination with their design team.

Choose Tagmax today for personalised security solutions

The successful installation at Sunglass Hut in Bluewater showcases Tagmax’s commitment to delivering tailored security solutions that meet specific client needs. Our ability to adapt to spatial constraints and coordinate with other professionals ensured a high-quality result that exceeded client expectations.

By addressing the unique challenges of each retail environment, Tagmax continues to establish itself as a trusted provider of security solutions in the retail sector.

Choose Tagmax today for personalised security solutions that emphasise both practicality and visual appeal. For further details, reach out to us at 0800 044 3160 or via email at

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