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Tagmax's Deluxe Pedestal Installation at Leem, Westfield in White City

Leem, an esteemed retailer, marked its debut in the United Kingdom with the opening of its flagship store at Westfield in White City. Known for its upmarket clothing selections, Leem sought a sophisticated solution to protect its range of apparel, including coats, jackets, trousers, and shirts.

Tagmax was tasked with installing a 3-pedestal system to cover an existing 3-meter doorway at Leem's Westfield outlet. The client specified the use of Xclear panels for this project, aiming for a deluxe pedestal system to align with their upscale brand image.

Tagmax's Solution:

To meet Leem's requirements, the Tagmax team implemented its deluxe
pedestals, crafted entirely from acrylic. The installation comprised
three pedestals, strategically positioned with the master pedestal
placed at the centre. To ensure a seamless integration, all cables were
meticulously routed through existing conduits. We collaborated closely
with the shopfitters and designers to achieve a clean and harmonious
installation that complemented the store's aesthetic.

The project was executed to perfection, resulting in a happy client.
Leem now boasts a sophisticated and effective solution for protecting
its clothing range, enhancing the shopping experience for its discerning
customers. Our team's attention to detail and seamless integration with
the store's design team earned accolades, cementing our reputation as a
reliable partner for premium retail installations.

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