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Installing Custom EAS Gates For The Optical Center

Why were The Optical Center seeking EAS gates?

The Optical Center are an Israeli-based company that has expanded into the French market in recent years – now seeking to establish themselves in the UK, they have opened two outlets already, with around 50 more planned in the coming years.

The philosophy of the company is to 'help everyone have a good view – but also help them to have a good look'. This somewhat plays into their aesthetic requirements for their stores – seeking a white, clear, clinical feel with a sharp edge; giving customers an insight into the vision they can expect from the company. This design quality would also have to play into the custom-looking security tagging system they were seeking.

While the functional aspect of EAS gates is of the utmost importance, one of the other great benefits of having a modern security tagging system in place is that it can be customised to suit certain aesthetic qualities of a store. So, the Tagmax team were only too happy to give The Optical Center 'a good view and good look' with their security.

With an opening date set beforehand, we only had a small window in which to work – so we had to move quickly. The client was seeking custom white pedestals that would evoke the 'clinical feel' of their business. We liaised with the site foreman to arrange a suitable installation time and got to work on the project.

After sourcing a pair of suitable pedestals, we had to work out how to install them so they would offer effective tracking – the issue being that the doorway was a standard electronic doorway, so we had to make sure that the gates were not installed in an area where the doors would interfere with their signals. Another issue is that the shopfitter did not install the conduits in the floor properly, so we had to specially adapt the gates and carefully bolt them down.

Having performed hundreds of custom jobs installing EAS gates, our team carried out the work with no further issues and well within the deadline. The team at the Optical Center were very pleased with the work we performed when we made our follow-up visit to ensure that everything was working to their satisfaction.

We are delighted to see another new company start their business off with a strong security infrastructure in place –something that not only provides peace of mind that their products will be protected but also gives their staff reassurance that they can get on with their work without worry.

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