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Tagmax Installation at Vision Express - Bluewater


Vision Express is a leading optical retailer in the UK, and the Bluewater branch is the fourth store we have partnered with for security installations. Known for their high-quality eyewear and exceptional customer service, Vision Express sought a security solution that would not only protect their valuable inventory of frames and spectacles but also complement the sophisticated design of their new shop fit.

The Project:

Vision Express required an advanced security solution to safeguard their products while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of their store. The project involved installing a 3 x pedestal system across a 5-meter-wide doorway. Vision Express opted for our X Clear panels, known for their transparency and minimal visual intrusion, to ensure the security system blended seamlessly with their modern store design.

Tagmax’s Solution:

  1. System Configuration:
    • We installed three pedestals in an RX/TRX/RX configuration. This setup provided comprehensive coverage for the wide entrance, ensuring maximum security for the store's inventory.
  2. Installation Process:
    • All cables were pre-run during the first fix into the ceiling void. This approach allowed for a clean and unobtrusive installation, preserving the visual appeal of the store.
    • The installation was executed in close collaboration with the shopfitters and designers to ensure that the security system integrated seamlessly with the overall store design.


Vision Express was extremely satisfied with the outcome, as the installed system provided the necessary security for their frames and spectacles while enhancing the store's aesthetic appeal. This successful project further solidified our ongoing partnership with Vision Express, marking another milestone in our collaboration.

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The installation at Vision Express showcases Tagmax’s commitment to providing tailored security solutions that meet both functional and aesthetic requirements. Our ability to work harmoniously with other contractors and deliver a clean, efficient installation has resulted in another satisfied customer and a secure, visually appealing retail environment.

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