Westbury Chemists

Fitting the brand-new retail security system

The Project.

The particular branch is located on Streatham High Road, a busy thoroughfare – the store, therefore, is quite large (with two doorways). What made the project particularly challenging was that the client required the store refit to be done in two phases, with one half still being operational while the other was being fitted out. We worked closely with the client and the shopfitters to find the best, less arduous way to achieve this.

We replaced the old security tagging systems with our very reliable Optimum pedestals – we had to use a powerful system with complicated electronics as the site suffered from 'high electronic noise' that was caused by electronic interference.
The Optimum pedestals, being brand-new, are more than equipped to deal with this issue, as well as its primary duty of tracking product tags.

We are pleased to report that the project was a success, with no issues arising during or after the installations were completed. The client was delighted with our work, so much so they commissioned us to install more new tagging systems at another site for them very soon.

The Solution

The Optimum AM System.

The OPTIMUM AM System is a cutting-edge, acousto magnetic system.
Fully digital and equipped with outstanding detection abilities that not only allow for superb tracking of tags but also minimise false alarms - this makes it an excellent choice in security systems. The optional features include people counting or metal/magnet detections as well remote diagnostics so you can keep your business safe without sacrificing any productivity.

Tagmax: a leading retail security advice

For over 20 years, the expert retail security team here at Tagmax have been working in the industry, bringing the best, most innovative retail security tags that the world's manufacturers have to offer. Coupled with that, they have also offered a helping hand to those needing the right advice and assistance on how best to look after their in-store security.

So, if you would like to learn more about our retail security systems, security tags or simply have some security questions, give us a call on 0800 044 3160. Alternatively, you can send any e-mail enquiries to us at sales@tagmax.co.uk and we'll get in touch as soon as possible.

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