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Enhancing Security for Wrexham FC's Club Shop with Tagmax's Tagging Systems

About Wrexham FC:

Wrexham FC, a historic football club, gained significant media attention when it was taken over by two renowned celebrities. This heightened visibility resulted in an unfortunate increase in theft at the club shop, particularly with replica shirts being a prime target. Wrexham FC aimed to protect their merchandise and sought the expertise of Tagmax to implement effective security measures.

Project Scope:

The Tagmax team undertook the responsibility of securing Wrexham FC's club shop by installing two single-door tagging systems. The chosen solution was the single Optimum pedestal system, leveraging Acoustic Magnetic (AM) technology. This cutting-edge system promised robust security, ensuring a deterrent to potential thefts.

Technical Specifications:

  • AM Pedestal System: Our expert team recommended and implemented an AM pedestal system, known for its reliability and effectiveness in deterring theft.
  • 2 x Single Door AM Pedestal Systems: The chosen configuration aimed to cover the entrances and exits of the club shop, ensuring comprehensive security coverage.
  • Power Supply Arrangement: We coordinated with electricians to facilitate the installation of power supplies, ensuring seamless functionality of the tagging systems.

Implementation Process:

The installation process involved setting up the two single-door AM pedestal systems strategically at the entry and exit points of the club shop. Our technicians worked in collaboration with electricians to ensure the power supply was seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure.

Security Measures:

Initially, the focus was on protecting replica shirts, and hard tags were employed for this purpose. The implemented system allowed for a scalable approach, with the capability to extend security measures to other merchandise in the future. The client expressed interest in utilising adhesive labels for additional items, showcasing the flexibility and adaptability of our solutions.


The project was executed successfully, meeting the client's expectations and resulting in a highly satisfied customer. The implemented AM pedestal systems provided the necessary security to protect replica shirts, addressing the immediate concerns. With the potential to extend security measures to other merchandise in the near future, Tagmax demonstrated its commitment to providing scalable and future-proof solutions.

Improve your shop’s security with Tagmax

Our expertise in implementing advanced tagging systems played a pivotal role in enhancing the security of Wrexham FC's club shop. As Wrexham FC continues to thrive under new ownership, Tagmax's contribution to safeguarding their merchandise contributes to a more secure and enjoyable experience for both the club and its fans.

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