Yves Salomon

The Client.

Established in 1972, Yves Salomon was inspired by a family history of trading pelts to Maisons such as Dior. The Salomon brand quickly became an outerwear trail blazer, with its carefully ethically produced designs becoming sought-after for their dramatic trims and luscious draping. Ideal to keep warm during the winter months – their products became popular amongst people who participated in winter sports and other related activities.

While a well-known brand, their own retail presence has been small until recently – their latest foray into Oxfordshire is their second UK store, joining the one already established in London.

The Project & Solution.

This is the first time the Tagmax team have worked with the client, and we were given a brief of supplying a quote and installing the tagging system and people counter within a week.

The client was looking for a simple solution to understand the flow of customers and how making the right changes based on those findings would boost conversions.

The COUNT IT People Counter is perfect forthis – it is a 'bi-directional' people counter, with the operation based on the interruption of a horizontal laser beam. The transmitter sends the beam to the receiver – if the beam is interrupted, the receiver (the second part of thecounter), detects this and will increase the count value on the display. This provides the client with the information they need to understand how many people enter their store, an area of their store or interact with any displays.

The security tagging system we installed was our OPTIMUM AM range – this is an acousto-magnetic system that has outstanding detection which allows for superb tracking of tags and reduces the number of false alarms too. Its integrated system can even be equipped with features such as people counting, metal detection and magnet detection.

Despite the short turn around time, we installed everything, and the client was very happy and able to open and welcome customers on time.

For Retail Security Tagging Solutions, Choose Tagmax

If your retail store is looking for a solution in regard to its analytics and security, we can help. Here at Tagmax, we aim to provide national retail groups with unique, well-made security products that prevent theft and reduce shrinkage within their store environment.

Our team of retail security and people counting specialists strive to source the latest design and most innovative products manufactured from around the world. Simply put, without our bespoke retail security, there is no doubt that these retailers would be extremely vulnerable to theft and anti-social behaviour across the country.

So, if you would like advice or have any questions regarding the security solutions that are available, our team of experts will be happy to help you identify the product that best meets your business' needs.

For more information, or to take advantage of our loss-reducing security solutions and people counting devices, don't hesitate to get in touch with our professional team of security specialists on 0800 044 3160 or send an e-mail to sales@tagmax.com

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