The Brief

While many of our security tagging projects are relatively straight forward jobs – often taking place within indoor retail environments – the Tagmax team are sometimes presented with unique projects that require us to use delve into our expertise to ensure our clients can protect their products.

This project, for Alderford Lakes in Shropshire is a great example – an outdoor adventure park, they approached our team with a need for an outdoor security tagging system to track whether hired items were taken away from their centre.

Here's how we did it:

How We Created An Outdoor Security Tagging System For Alderford Lake

The Client.

Located in the picturesque town of Whitchurch in Shropshire, Alderford Lake is an adventure park comprising 14 acres and hosts many different water-based activities including open swimming, kayaking and paddle boarding. The adventure park is family-owned by the Bebbington's and once an arable farm, the lake (originally called 'Dearnford Lake') was formed in 1991 due to the creation of the Whitchurch bypass. Initially used for fishing enthusiasts and weddings, in the 20-or so years since, the lake has been renamed and is now a popular adventure centre for families.

The Project.

A large part of the client's business is the renting out of wetsuits – a significant number of which were regularly 'lost' during the season. As such, Alderford Lake were seeking a way to ensure that they were able to track their wetsuits (amongst other items) to save money on losses in the long term.

This was quite unusual as it would require tags to be sewn into all new wetsuits, buoyancy aids and floats. The solution, therefore, was slightly more difficult than the typical security tagging job as we had to manufacture unique tags to not only be sewn into the items but also to work with the system that would be installed outside – in wet conditions.

The Solution

The Solution – and Instant Result!

While the manufacture of the tags was straight forward enough, much thought had to be placed into the arrangement ofthe outdoor security tagging systems. After surveying the site, we arranged for all floor works and the pedestals to be installed outside, spraying them with awater repellent to safeguard against corruption.

We installed six pedestals in total and the client arranged for water proof covers to be made for each of them, adding further protection against the elements. Even with these layers of protection, the system responded perfectly to the tags that we created, giving the client further peace of mind. Due to the pedestals being installed outside, we have arranged to perform an annual service to ensure that everything stays in working order, as well as to re-water proof them.

Once the plan was created, we quickly gotto work, installing the system in a matter of hours. Just FORTY MINUTES after leaving the site when the job was complete, Alderford Lake contacted us to saythey had caught someone trying to take away one of their tagged items, providing them with an instant result!

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