The Brief

Seeking to update their existing security infrastructure, Henry Street Garden Centre in Reading turned to us here at Tagmax to install our high-quality 'Optimum' pedestals.

Unhappy at a competitors service, they were seeking a high-quality back-up to the older retail security system they have installed – having carried out numerous 'retrofitting' jobs like this in the past, we were only too happy to demonstrate the abilities of the Optimum system, as well as carry out the installation work ourselves.

The Solution

Installing a new retail security system for Henry Street Garden Centre.

Why were Henry Street Garden Centre seeking a new retail security system?

A large independent garden centre (with a plot over 40 acres), the business has been trading for over a century – going through five generations of the same family. As such, it can be construed that innovation has been at the forefront of their business and they recognised early, the benefits of an EAS retail security system .

The issue that Henry Street faced, however, was an inadequate service froma previous security system provider. Based on our previous work and reputation in the local area, they made an enquiry with us regarding retrofitting their current security infrastructure – this is the practice of fitting new systems (or parts) onto their existing system.

How did we retrofit this security system?

The project brief was to fit pedestal systems into two doorways – the entrance and exit. For this, we had to manufacture some extra-long cables due to the cable run we had to use, then add some extenders on site.

Due to problems posed by the existing system, we had to move the pedestals slightly into the store to negate electronic noise from affecting the systems. We also only had access to the doorways from 3 pm onwards, so work went late into the night; although undoubtedly hard work, it allowed us the time and space to move and re-install the system (as well as manage the cable run effectively).

We carried out the work to the letter and are pleased to say that Henry Street were delighted with their brand-new Optimum AM retail security system. The company can now welcome customers back into store without the worry of having unreliable security infrastructure in place – protecting their products, staff and customers alike.

What is the Optimum system? Why is it great for retailers in particular?

The OPTIMUM AM System is an acousto magnetic system; fully digital, it has outstanding detection which not only allows for superb tracking of tags, it minimises the number of false alarms too. The system can also be equipped with optional, integrated with features like people counting, metal detection, magnet detection and remote diagnostics too – ideal for any retail business to both protect and progress their operation.

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“When Tagmax introduced us to their Cloud Analytics software, we were very impressed. The user interface was simple to use and easy to understand. Since installing it over many stores we now understand more about our customers behaviour in store. How they move around our retail space. This information is invaluable in helping us plan the layout of our stores.”

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