The Brief

Looking to fit them selves out with a new tagging security system, the team at Knockhatch Adventure Park approached Tagmax to provide a solution. A well-known children's adventure park in Hailsham, they were looking to retrofit their existing system – taking out the existing pedestals and replacing them with two new ones, all the while keeping their existing infrastructure (the cabling, etc) in place.

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The Solution

Retrofitting a tagging security system for Knockhatch Adventure Park.

Combining a menagerie of farmyard animals with indoor and outdoor playgrounds, Knockhatch Adventure Park offers agreat day out for all the family. As a large place that sees different volumes of visitors coming through their doors, a tagging security system offers a great way for staff to keep on top of the park's security. The trouble is that the pedestals they had installed ran on RF (radio frequency), with its effectiveness growing insufficient.

Looking to update their security, Knockhatch wanted an in expensive way of having an effective system – our solution was to retrofit their existing cabling infrastructure with an AM (Acousto Magnetic) Pedestal System – capable of operating on more frequencies than the RF system.

We were asked to protect 2 doorways in the park – as the job just involved the replacement of two pedestals, it went ahead relatively easy with no issues. The work was completed in just a single day, allowing Knockhatch Adventure Park to swiftly get used to the new system and its benefits became immediately apparent. As a result, the park boasts muchmore robust security; ideal for setting the right kind of atmosphere that a children's adventure park should have!

The system we provided was our Optimum AM pedestal – a side from this being of a much better quality in terms of tracking at a different frequency, it is also better at working with different types of tags, such as 'hard' and 'soft' tags, such as DR 'sticky' security labels.

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