The Brief

Looking to update their existing retail security, Streatham Chemists got in contact with us here at Tagmax to install our high-quality 'Optimum' pedestal solution.

Streatham Chemists were having issues with their existing system, with expensive perfumes and creams being stolen on a constant basis. The right balance – in terms of effectiveness and cost – would be to retro fit them an AM security tagging system, which is what we did!

Having carried out numerous 'retrofitting' jobs like this in the past, we were only too happy to demonstrate the abilities of the Optimum system, as well as carry out the installation work ourselves. Here's what we did:

The Solution

A new retail security system for Streatham Chemists

How did we retrofit this retail security system?

The project saw us installing a new pedestal, which would seamlessly respond with their existing security infrastructure. The solution was relatively simple – the installation of a single Optimum AM pedestal that would work with the store's self-adhesive product tags. The main issue Streatham Chemists wanted to avoid was disruption to their customers. As such, we performed the works and installed the system early in the morning; this gave the store time to prepare for the day without having to worry about the effectiveness of the new system as it was being installed.

We completed the job within 3 hours and with no problems – the job was simple due to the preferred location where the client wanted the system to be installed. A chain of four stores, we are currently working with Streatham Chemists on the fitting of several new systems in another location – this some what highlights the need for each individual store to have a bespoke retail security system plan.

Why is retrofitting the ideal solution?

Retrofitting an AM pedestal system may seemlike the obvious solution for your retail security needs, but there are several reasons why it is the ideal choice. First, retrofitting allows you to use your existing infrastructure, which can save you time and money. Additionally, a retrofitted system will be seamlessly integrated into your existing security protocols, making it easier to manage and more effective overall.

Finally, a retrofitted AM pedestal system can be customised to meet your specific needs, ensuring that you get the most out of your security investment. So, if you're looking for a cost-effective and efficient way to improve your retail security, consider retrofitting an AM pedestal system.

What is the Optimum system? Why is it great for retailers inparticular?

The OPTIMUMAM System is an acousto magnetic system; fully digital, it has outstanding detection which not only allows for superb tracking of tags, it minimises the number of false alarms too. The system can also be equipped with optional, integrated with features like people counting, metal detection, magnet detection and remote diagnostics too – ideal for any retail business to both protect and progress their operation. Interested in learning more? Why not get in touch with us today?

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“We've been incredibly lucky to have found Tagmax a year ago, after having a bad experience with a previous supplier. They've really stepped up to the mark, in both installation and ongoing service, and their communication skills to both stores and head office are second to none.”

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