The Brief

U.Clo is an ethical and vintage clothing shop based on Brick Lane, London owned by non-for-profit shareholders. They deal with recycled clothing and are committed to providing and supporting sustainable development in the poorest areas of the world. This is their first physical store location, so it was paramount that the right security solution was developed for their on-going growth.

As an independent, boutique store that had been trading for just under a year, shop theft and retail loss were creating a large problem for the owners and shareholder, so Tagmax was called in to develop a solution that would allow them to reduce theft and help the team understand customer numbers in comparison to sales.

The Solution

What are the benefits of a Pedestal Security System?

A pedestal system is designed to fit at the front of your premise, by the doors and exits. They are designed to prevent shoplifting by sensing tags that have been placed on products, to prevent them being taken through the area in which the pedestals are installed. If an item with a tag is taken through – a security alarm sounds. The tags can be deactivated or removed at the point of purchase. It's been found that theft from retailers will significantly be reduced when they have a pedestal installed at their exits.

To achieve this, the team at Tagmax installed a single AM pedestal that was compatible with the existing hard, reusable security tags. In addition to this, we also installed a basic people counting system at the entrance of the store.

We were very much restricted in how we installed the system due to the nature of the shopfront and the location of the till point. We had to supply a pedestal that would cover the exit width as well as one which worked through the doorway, so a fairly bespoke solution was needed. The equipment is covered by a year's warranty after which we will offer an annual maintenance contract.

The full tagging installation was carried out within a week of having the initial meeting, with an additional few days to install the people counter as this was held up in customs from Germany.

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“Our CCTV work was completed successfully and earlier than planned. The engineers were great and the whole process was very well organised and managed. I am very appreciative of all your combined efforts that have enabled this safety improvement”

- Operations Team, Clarks Shoes -


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