Containing wide-open public spaces, historical properties and some of the finest stores in the capital, the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames is one of the UK's most desirable areas to live, work and visit. As such, public and property safety should be paramount – this is why an increasing amount of businesses and homeowners alike are investing in CCTV installers in Richmond to help them protect their properties.

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Having been carrying out work as CCTV installers In Richmond, all over London and throughout the South East of England for over 20 years, we can confidently say that we are able to design and make a tailored CCTV solution for your business. Having been involved in the industry for over 2 decades, we have seen a lot of change in technologies, trends and behaviours of retail security – this has given us a unique knowledge when it comes to designing the utmost-secure CCTV system. This knowledge is passed on to our clients, seeking their own secure systems.

Why CCTV Is Important In The Local Area?

Sadly, one of the realities that any business owner has to come to terms with, is the likelihood of shoplifting. In 2016 alone, retail crime in the UK accounted for £660m of profit loss – for many, the amount they lose could prove to be unsustainable in the long-term. With so much to lose, this is why an increasing amount of forward-thinking businesses are turning to retail security measures, such as CCTV installers in Richmond, to strengthen their security.

CCTV is, of course, nothing new – the technology has been in plentiful supply for almost 30 years. Unfortunately, the criticisms of old types of systems generally fall into the same camps; namely their poor recording qualities, their storage methods, playback and scalability. With so many debilitating attributes, many old systems fail to sufficiently identify perpetrators of crime and more often than not, without any useable evidence, they get away.

In today's modern world, criminals are becoming increasingly aware of ineffective systems and can even spot them before they embark on their crime spree. Safe in the knowledge that the CCTV system is inefficient (in some cases, not even a 'real' one is installed) they commit theft knowing that the likelihood of them being identified will be extremely unlikely.

Why Your Business Should Think About Updating Its Retail Security.

This is why taking advantage of CCTV installers in Richmond to implement the latest in CCTV technology is vitally important. Able to record high-definition images, a zoom that can reach the finest of details, as well as the ability to send footage (live and recorded) via the internet, modern CCTV systems are an absolute must for any type of retail operation.

With this in mind, here are some benefits provided by updating your CCTV with modern, HD retail security cameras:

  • Offers A Deterrent. Anyone with intentions of stealing from you will first look around for security; if they spot an older-type of CCTV camera (or none at all, in fact) they will likely chance their arm as they know that they aren't likely to be identified. With a modern system, they will at least think twice – they'll be wise not to try but even if they do, they can be spotted and identified easily, giving your security team a great opportunity to apprehend them.
  • Watch Your Store At All Times. No matter where you may be, with a modern HD CCTV system, you can watch what's going on inside of your store, via the internet. With an easy-to-use app, you can go about other tasks away from the home or business and check in whenever you need to. What's more, is that you can also watch footage that has already been recorded – so no need to pay for expensive media to keep it all on, as well as areas to store it. The cloud is your friend.
  • Analytical Aid. Analytics are massive in today's world; by using computer systems to monitor performance, you can draw an accurate picture of how your store operates – and what it needs to improve. Working alongside software, modern HD CCTV can accurately capture information from your store – such as the amount of people who enter the store (compared to the amount of those who go on to purchase something), monitoring areas of low productivity and even measuring stock levels.
  • Customer Service Improvement. With the camera able to spot areas that are being under-productive, you can measure which of them need staff to monitor the area and which don't. This is helpful, if say one area is busier than the other – you can assign more members of staff to the busier area to offer assistance if needed. With help easily available, your customers will no doubt value the easy access they have.
  • Upkeep of A Safe Environment. Nobody wants to work in or visit a store that offers a difficult, often uncomfortable, atmosphere. By allowing CCTV installers in Richmond to install a modern retail security system, you'll be able to deter, spot and intercept any incidences of criminal damage or even aggressive behaviour towards customers and staff alike. Knowing this too will help staff and genuine customers to enjoy their experience whilst in-store.
  • False Claim Protection. In addition to protecting your staff, customers and stock, CCTV can also protect the business from any bogus claims that are made against you. With footage available in crystal-clear high-definition, there will be no doubting the evidence it'll provide.
  • Protection Against Theft, From Employees. Although it'll be nice to be able to trust everyone, sadly the reality doesn't allow for that. One of the big factors in theft from a retailer is internal theft. Knowing that they'll be monitored by the best in CCTV, the likelihood that any employees will steal from the store, will be unlikely. Even if they do – you'll have them on camera, of course.

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“When Tagmax introduced us to their Cloud Analytics software, we were very impressed. The user interface was simple to use and easy to understand. Since installing it over many stores we now understand more about our customers behaviour in store. How they move around our retail space. This information is invaluable in helping us plan the layout of our stores.”

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