CCTV Installers in Stratford

CCTV Installers in Stratford

As one of the UK's most illustrious areas, it's obvious to say that there is much value to protect in the London Borough of Stratford and Chelsea. Here at Tagmax, we are CCTV installers in Stratford who are able to implement a modern, bespoke CCTV system to protect businesses from experiencing loss of profit through theft or criminal damage.

The Increasing Need For CCTV Installers In Stratford

One of the unfortunate aspects of running a retail store is that there will always be an element of people who may try and do the business ill will – be it through theft or damaging property. Employing a security system will give you the opportunity to identify, track and apprehend anyone who may indulge in such activities.

The issue that many retailers face is that their CCTV systems are old, outdated – some even don't work anymore and are used as deterrents. Others use actual dummy cameras for that same reason. The problem in this modern age is that the criminals move with technology too – so any insufficient (or non-existent) equipment will soon be noticed and crime will continue. Only modern CCTV installers in Stratford can provide an up-to-date CCTV security solution that aside from its abilities to record in high-definition, can also make use of the internet to store images in a safe location.

With shoplifting especially, on the rise in recent years, retailers will need to work harder in order to protect their hard-earned profits from outside – and even inside theft. This is way modern CCTV solutions are available to retailers in varying shapes and sizes and can easily be tailored to suit whatever requirements (or budget) the particular store has.

The Increasing Need For CCTV Installers In Stratford

Why Should I Install A More-Modern CCTV System In My Store?

Although some older types of CCTV are useful to monitor criminal activity, they simply cannot compete with the HD capabilities of modern-day CCTV, nor can they be linked together to provide a network of coverage around the store. Their storage methods can vary from the older VHS to DVD to external hard-drives – all physical devices that can be taken and destroyed.

Here are some of the benefits provided by enlisting the help of CCTV installers in Stratford to implement a modern retail security system:

  • Provide a presence. The vast majority of people with designs on shoplifting won't go through with it unless they have a good idea that they'll get away with it – which is why they constantly look around for the type of CCTV system that's being used. If a modern, HD camera is indeed installed, 'wiser' shoplifters won't attempt to steal, whereas those that do, will easily be captured on camera.
  • Keep watch – no matter where you may be. Thanks to their abilities to stream live images to any mobile phones, laptops or tablet devices, you can keep watch over your store no matter where you're located. This will free up your time to go about other important jobs without having to worry about staying on-site in order to keep a watchful eye over the store.
  • Provide a safe environment for staff. Modern HD CCTV can work to provide a deterrent to prevent any instances of criminal damage or even aggressive behaviour towards staff and customers. In the worst-case scenario, any incidents will be recorded in high-definition regardless.
  • Protection against false claims. Apart from their abilities to produce a security solution against theft and aggressive behaviour, CCTV can also protect the business from incidents that may directly affect it; such as any false claims made by people intent on making bogus injury claims. With the footage available in crystal-clear detail, the images can act as a first-line of defence against a personal injury allegation.
  • Works to provide analytics. It isn't just security that a modern CCTV camera can look after – but it can also work alongside software to perform a number of tasks designed to present statistics for the store to better understand how effective it's being. Elements such as 'people counting' are able to sufficiently count the amount of people who enter a store and when compared to your sales statistics, you'll have a better idea of your conversation rate and in which areas of the store you need to improve upon.
  • Improve customer service. Thanks to its ability to monitor people (and even product displays) in-store, you will be able to garner a better insight into which areas need to be staffed more regularly. Staff being around will make genuine customers feel rest assured that they can ask for help if need be – and gives those unscrupulous 'customers' yet another security headache.
  • Prevent Employee Theft. Whilst in an ideal world, we should be able to place our trust in everyone, the reality is that sadly, employee theft is another aspect of a business in losing its profits. Knowing that their every move will be monitored will make those genuine members of staff feel protected, whilst at the same time, preventing any thoughts about internal theft.

Comprehensive Retail Security, From Tagmax.

Celebrating 20 years of being CCTV installers in Stratford to businesses of all sizes and types – no matter if it's a single retail store or a whole chain of superstores, we are able to implement the perfect CCTV security solution for whatever the requirements dictate.

Just some of the benefits of a CCTV installation by Tagmax, include:

  • Incorporate all cameras into one, easily controllable interface.
  • View crystal-clear images of one or multiple stores.
  • Use smart video analytics.
  • Watch live or playback on any modern device.
  • A comprehensive national support team on hand to treat any issues.

With so much to be gained, why not get in touch with us today?

You can call us directly on 0800 044 3160 or alternatively, you can e-mail us at

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