Home to some of the world's most iconic buildings, the City of Westminster is a constantly busy place. With shopping destinations such as Oxford Street, Bond Street and Regent Street; entertainment districts like Soho or world-famous landmarks such as the Palace of Westminster, Downing Street and Buckingham Palace, much attention is paid to the city. Whilst for retailers this offers a fantastic opportunity to trade to the wide, diverse crowd who live, work or visit the area – huge crowds can pose security issues. It's because of this that more businesses than ever are realising the importance of CCTV installers in Westminster.

Tagmax – Experienced CCTV Installers In Westminster

Having been operating within the retail security industry for over 20 years now, here at Tagmax we are able to put in place bespoke, modern security systems that will help to get the best out of a business. Seeking the latest in HD CCTV that can deliver live or recorded images to smartphones and tablets? Perhaps you're looking for shop security tags that can sound an alarm if the product it's protecting is taken anywhere near the exit? Maybe you even want to track your footfall rates or need to know which areas of your store is the busiest at certain times of the day? You can achieve all of this and more with Tagmax.

Regardless of the type, size or style of your store, we can ensure you that our CCTV installers in Westminster are able to tailor any security or analytical solution to whatever your requirements may be. It's thanks to the modern, adaptable technology that we use, coupled with our vast experience in the industry, that we're able to create a comprehensive retail security plan for our clients. No business should be worried about suffering from the ill effects that huge, unorganised crowds can bring – so make sure that your store is protected.

Why Should My Business Invest In A Modern CCTV System?

With many demands placed upon those who are responsible for the running of the business, you can't, unfortunately, keep eyes out everywhere all of the time. As a leading aspect of profit loss, theft also has the potential to affect the reputation and the general atmosphere of a store. Since their inception, security cameras have been a useful aid in identifying those who commit crime within store – but as time moves on, so does technology.

Older types of CCTV once played a useful role but due their recording qualities, storage and scalability aspects, they have been rendered obsolete when compared to the CCTV of today. In comparison, even the smallest of businesses are able to protect themselves with a single HD camera. With a recording quality as good as the pictures presented by today's television sets, not being able to identify a perpetrator clearly from footage has become a thing of the past.

With the information and images it collects able to be stored on a virtual 'cloud' you won't have to worry about their storage; whether it's lack of space or the security of the media holding the information.

In terms of scalability, whilst older types of cameras could only be connected a limited network, CCTV installers in Westminster can install for you, a network that can run as many cameras as you like. Best of all, this technology has been designed for ease-of-use, which ensures that you are able to get up to speed with the operation of your system in no time at all. Perfect for a business in a busy area such as Westminster!

The Added Benefits of HD CCTV.

The benefits of modern HD security cameras don't just end there – here are some more reasons why many retailers, offices and other public buildings are turning to CCTV installers in Westminster:

  • Cost-effectiveness – One of the major attractions of modern CCTV is its ability to pay back its initial outlay extremely quickly. As you'll be able to track and prevent instances of shoplifting, criminal damage or employee theft, the cost you will save will outweigh the initial cost for the system to be put in place. You can then enjoy the long-term savings that the system will further make.
  • Mix and match your CCTV – It's understandable if you're reluctant to part with cameras that have served you well, especially if you only installed them during the last decade. This is why with more-modern CCTV, you can mix and match them both, replacing only those older cameras that are situated in key areas of your store. What's left is a network made from high-quality and reliable cameras – the perfect team!
  • Remote access – No matter if you cannot be on the premises, you can still view footage from your CCTV cameras from anywhere where there's an internet connection. Without feeling the need to be present at all times, you can concentrate on other aspects of your work.
  • Images can be viewed on a multitude of devices – Reflecting the world we live in (where more people browse the internet on mobile phones than 'traditional' desktops) you will be able to access your store's CCTV from your phone or tablet device, in addition to desktop and laptop computers. Ideal if you're constantly on the go.
  • No Lag'sending all that data to my phone will take an absolute age, right?' No! Thanks to the bandwidth used by the system, the images can be delivered to your device extremely quickly, with no lagging or synchronising issues. Especially helpful if you need to keep an eye on what's going on right now.

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