Electronic Article Surveillance

Electronic Article Surveillance

One of the most effective methods of preventing theft in a wide range of retail stores, electronic article surveillance involves the affixation of special tags to merchandise. These tags are removed or deactivated by the salesperson at the point of purchase. If an item is shoplifted, these tags will sound an alarm when the thief reaches the doorway of the store. It has become increasingly common, in larger stores, to attach these detectors to customer toilet entrances to prevent tampering.

What are the types of electronic article surveillance?

There are three major types of EAS theft prevention, and you're likely to have come across most of them as a customer. These are:

  • Electro-Magnetic;
  • Acousto-Magnetic;
  • Radio Frequency;
What are the types of electronic article surveillance?

Electro-Magnetic Systems

These tags are made up of a strip of amorphous metal. These are the most common kind of EAS, and can be easily deactivated and reactivated on demand. They are extremely popular amongst all kinds of retailers due to their low cost and small size. If an active tag passes through the detection range, then the alarm will go off.

Acousto-Magnetic Systems

Similar in design to electro-magnetic systems, these tags are composed of two strip of metal which emit a signal that sets off alarms when it approached the detectors at the store entrance/exit. These strips are most commonly found around the power cord of power tools and equipment.

Radio-Frequency Systems

These tags resonate anywhere between 1.75Mhz to 9.5Mhz. The most commonly used frequency is 8.2Mhz, and sensing is achieved by the detector sweeping around the resonant frequency and detecting the chip.

Electronic Article Surveillance from Tagmax

Here at Tagmax, we are able to provide a range of different EAS equipment to prevent theft and limit losses resulting from criminal activity. For more information on the practical benefits of this security tagging system, get in touch with our professional team today on 0800 044 3160 or 07770 870 875.

Alternatively, why not email any questions or concerns that you have to sales@tagmax.co.uk and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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