Ensuring that your retail presence minimises its losses, due to theft and damage, is essential if you want to truly enjoy the most profitable outlet that you can. That is why you need to make certain that your retail store utilises the very best in retail loss prevention software. The LiveStore® solution, an industry-leading security application, can be easily integrated with your existing DVR and CCTV Systems, alongside an electric point-of-sale (EPOS) solution. LiveStore® delivers a unique system to prevent losses, through its variety of real-time capabilities. For practical purposes, LiveStore® is used to identify anomalies, potentially suspicious or those transactions which occur out-of-policy.

The Livestore solution and retail loss prevention software

What makes the LiveStore® package unique is its ability to forensically capture and package related video and audio content during a transaction. Even though it is recorded in real-time, it can be accessed remotely, from anywhere, at any time.

This solution, essentially, gives you or your security officers the opportunity to see the transactions you want to see in your reporting dashboard in a timely, and extremely cost-effective, manner.

The industry-leading LiveStore® policy engine can intelligently filter transactions, repeated patterns of transactions, and a range of other in-store events to provide a reliable trail of user behaviour. The ability to dynamically provide accurate recordings of your customer's actions is paramount in realising the very best in retail loss prevention software and strategies.

A unique loss prevention solution

LiveStore® is completely different from other EPOS, synchronisation or video overlay systems. Instead, it works to turn your existing CCTV systems and security hardware into an intelligent, independent system.

What does that mean for you? Well, you won't need to waste time trawling through hours of on-site video; LiveStore® can send out notifications with video attachments when it detects disturbances around pre-set parameters.

You won't even be required to upgrade any existing retail networks, as LiveStore® offers one of the most efficient bandwidth uses on the market. The ability to enjoy a real return on investment is extremely quick, and through integration with your existing CCTV systems, you won't even need to upgrade your existing security hardware.

Retail loss prevention software and cctv systems, from Tagmax

Here at Tagmax, we are dedicated to helping your business improve on its loss prevention efforts, and encourage a more profitable, and honest, retail presence. For more information, please don't hesitate to contact our team of security professionals today.

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