Retail Security Nationally

Retail Security Nationally

Ensuring that your retail outlet is protected against theft and anti-social behaviour is, unfortunately, still a necessity. Both targeted and opportunistic thieves are still threats to modern retail success and can severely damage your store's profits through stolen or damaged products. However, with the very best in modern retail security, you can help to protect your store and prevent profit-affecting theft – building a great reputation for your brand in the bargain. Here at Tagmax, we can provide retail security tagging service on a comprehensive scale, to ensure that your store, staff and customers can all remain safe and enjoy their in-store experiences.

The Types of Retail Security Tagging Products Available

Installed at (or close to) the entrance/exit of a store, retail tagging systems (commonly known as EAS – Electronic Article Surveillance – Systems) work alongside individual tags that are placed on the products or the product packaging. When taken into the monitoring field of a tagging system, your security teams will be notified and can attend to the situation swiftly.

Your retail security system could consist of many different features, including:

The Types of Retail Security Tagging Products Available
  • Visible Security Gates. Aside from offering a robust security system, visible security gates provide a great deterrent to anyone with ideas on committing retail crime. As they sit near the entrance, security gates are immediately noticeable and when glanced at, it places a thought into the mind of anyone with nefarious intentions that they're being tracked. The likelihood of this experience will more-often-than-not result in them being put off the idea – even if they do go through with it, you have the means to stop them in their tracks.
  • Underfloor Tag Detection. For stores that may not have the room or may not want to place their genuine customers ill-at-ease, an underfloor security tagging system is a great way to marry this need, with that for security. Working in the same manner as the visible tagging system, the underfloor system can make your staff aware whenever a tagged item is taken into its monitoring field.
  • Door Security Solutions. If you just lack the space at the front of your store (or don't want to compromise any aesthetic qualities of your interiors), a concealed door security system offers the ideal solution. The doors themselves can be used as sensors to detect tags, protecting the look and feel of your store, saving space and providing a robust security presence.
  • Security Tags (For Hard and Soft Products). Regardless of the products you retail, there will be a tagging solution for it. Tags can be attached to, placed in or looped around a product and its packaging.

The Benefits of Retail Security Tags

Over the years, our professional security team has worked with businesses all over the country to provide truly unique and effective retail outlet security. Our experience and our dedication to meeting your property's unique security requirements make us the number one choice for a huge range of businesses.

When it comes to retail security, our professional team are focused on three main goals. These goals drive the entire security solution and the best retail security tagging must address all three for a comprehensive solution.

  • Protect The Customers. Thanks to the advantages offered by a variety of different security solutions, you can protect your customers from any violent or antisocial behaviour.
  • Loss Prevention. Thanks to the high quality security tagging that we can offer, for both hard and soft products, you can prevent theft from occurring in your retail outlet. This can work for both external and internal theft.
  • Keep Your Staff Safe. It is extremely important that your staff are protected against any potentially violent events in your store. A high security presence will prevent these situations from occurring in the first instance, and can proactively help to protect your employees through deterrence.
  • Boost Your Reputation. Thanks to the store evoking a safe and harmonious image, more customers will be encouraged to experience what you have to offer. Nobody wants (or should) feel unsafe whilst their going about their shopping or day's work – ensure that your store doesn't grow an unsafe reputation without retail security tagging.

Choose Tagmax For Professional Retail Security

In order to minimise loss and protect employees and customers, it is absolutely essential that your retail business takes advantage of a bespoke security solution. If you're looking to protect your people, property, profits and products, do not hesitate to get in touch with the professional team at Tagmax today.

We can provide reliable retail security tagging for all kinds of retail outlets, regardless of their particular requirements. Contact our team today on 0800 044 3160 or 07770 870 875 or send an e-mail to

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