Shop Security Tags

Shop Security Tags

A major aspect of profit loss for any retail business is shoplifting and theft, which is why business owners and store managers all over the country are looking for a better security solution in protecting their stock. Providing comprehensive retail securities against the theft of hard or soft products are shop security tags and complete tagging systems.

Why does your retail outlet need shop retail security tags?

To put it simply, security tags prevent shoplifters from stealing your products. They provide initial visible security – some shoplifters may think twice if they see a tag attached to a product – as well as a main security feature that resonates with the frequency given off by a security antenna that sets off an alarm. With such security in place, stores will be able to know as and when, an item is being stolen.

The tags can be easily and quickly removed at the product's point of purchase, which ensures that the only items taken out of the store will be ones that have been genuinely purchased. There are a number of different shop security tags available, designed for different product materials and sizes – for example, pin tags that can be placed on fabrics and harder, more durable tags that can be placed on larger, bulkier items.

These tags provide a practical way of alerting your staff and deterring shoplifters, as well as making it easier to pinpoint theft on CCTV – which has also become an essential component of any modern retail security solution.

Why does your retail outlet need shop retail security tags?
The different types of retail security tags

The different types of retail security tags

The two types of security tags used by retailers are RF and RFID tags. Here are the differences between them and examples of the different environments that they're used in:

RF tags. When attached to an item, the security system is able to sense these tags and know that something is being stolen, but not necessarily what is being stolen. This example of electronic article surveillance provides a somewhat cost-effective solution for businesses who are seeking a basic security tagging system that won't break the bank.

RFID tags. A more-advanced shop security tag than RF tags, RFID tags are able to identify the exact item that has been detected, giving your staff an insight into what exactly is being stolen. This is extremely useful if anyone uses the common shoplifting technique that combines stolen items with ones that have been purchased. This tag works by using a simple code that reverts back to the security system once the device has been detected in a field of monitoring. Other examples of RFID tag usage are in libraries, where self-checkout machines sense the tag and translate the code on it, providing the system and user with specific updated information.

The benefits of

Shop security


Acting as an extremely efficient solution for tracking items, there are many other great benefits provided by the usage of shop security tags, which are:

Low cost

With many stores suffering losses of profits through theft, a tagging system will be able to dramatically cut down on those losses, effectively to zero. Over the long-term, you will notice that the initial outlay to install the system will pay for itself very quickly. Also, with security tags able to be acquired in bulk for an extremely low price, they will further help to cut down on costs and provide the ideal anti-theft solution for any type of retailer.

Easy to use/difficult to remove

One of the most attractive aspects of a security tag is their ability to be easy to use, yet difficult to remove without an official deactivator. With the store possessing the only tools that are able to remove specific tags from products, you can ensure that as little time as possible will be spent waiting for genuine customers as they wait to have their tags removed.

Consistency of performance

Shop security tags are made from durable materials and contain the most stringent of locking mechanisms, which ensure that they cannot be removed without using the correct tool. The alarm itself will only sound once it senses the tag, so it's highly unlikely that any mistakes will be made if the tag isn't removed or deactivated.

Maintains a good in-store atmosphere

A positive in-store atmosphere is something that all retailers should strive for; by providing an experience that your customers will enjoy, they'll be more inclined to revisit in the future. In a similar vein, you would also want your staff to go about their jobs without having to think about potential shoplifters, putting extra pressure on their already-busy job. With security tagging installed in your store, you'll not only allow them to get on with their jobs, without having to monitor customers, making them feel uncomfortable, but you'll also be opening up the store for your customers to browse around with ease and still able approach staff to ask for assistance whenever they need to.

Protect your business profits with Tagmax

Thanks to all these benefits provided, many stores have found that shop security tags have helped them to protect their profits and set great in-store environments. If you too would like to know more about how retail security tags can help your business – please don't hesitate to get in touch with TAGMAX today.

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