Security Tags & Accessories

Security Tags & Accessories

Protecting your stock is one of the upmost priorities if you run your own retail business. If you lose your stock, your business loses money - it'sunfortunately, as simple as that. You can't keep your eyes on everyone all of the time, but you can protect your stock with security tags and accessories. Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is perhaps the most common way of tagging retail items, but there are also different types of tags, such as ink tags, that leave their mark when a tag is attempted to be removed by someone without a specialist remover.

What is a security tag?

Placed on goods and inside or on the outside of packaging, electronic security tags are designed to detect people who have shoplifted an item. When a shoplifter steals an item and passes through security sensors, a product that has been tagged will set off an alarm, alerting you to the theft. Able to be detached or deactivated at the point of purchase, your genuine customers won't be exposed to any potentially embarrassing situations as they leave the store. Security tags are an effective way of apprehending thieves or act as a deterrent against potential theft. Used on almost any type of product, from clothing to boxes, their wide use in retail businesses of all sizes show how effective and affordable they are.

What is a security tag?
Types of security tags and accessories

Types of security tags and accessories

Here are some of the security tags and accessories we have available here at Tagmax.

  • Security Hard Tags . These tags can be placed on most products, locked onto or pined upon, they are an effective way of protecting your stock with EAS. A visible tag can also act as a deterrent to a shoplifter – knowing that one is locked on to the item, will make them think twice about stealing it. More often than not, they won't attempt to take it with a security tag on.
  • Alarming Tags. Generally used on clothing or products of very high value, these tags come in various formats, either an alarming pin which is attached to standard security tag or a self contained security tag that combines both the alarm sounder and an EAS target which will alarm at the exit. These tags are often refered to as '2 Alarm' and '3 Alarm' as they will alarm if a shoplifter tries to remove them in the shop. They will activate the system at the door as the tag leaves the store and they will also alarm them selves as it goes out of the door alerting security staff to which direction it is going on the high street.
  • Ink Tags . These tags contain a potion of ink that is spilled on the product if any successful shoplifter tries to remove the tag from the product. This is especially helpful to prevent any resale of the product. They also act as a great deterrent and second line of defence.
  • Security Labels These are small thin ( almost flat ) labels which can be made in either 58KHz or 8.2Mhz frequencies. These security labels are used on hard goods where a security hard tag is not suitable. Often stuck on boxes or inside packaging, they offer a very discreet form of protection. They are switched off or deactivated at the till point using a special deactivation pad.
  • Detachers – To deactivate or remove any of the security devices from your products, we stock a number of detachers to help you to do this.

Keep your stock safe with Tagmax

Here at Tagmax we have a wide range of security tags and accessories that are designed to protect your business. For more information on this or any of our other retail security systems services, please don't hesitate to call our friendly customer support team who will be delighted to assist you on 0800 044 3160 or 07770 870 875 or e-mail us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Theft prevention: Retail security tags act as a deterrent to potential thieves, reducing the likelihood of shoplifting and protecting merchandise.

Improved customer experience: By reducing theft, retailers can maintain a larger inventory of high-demand items, ensuring availability for genuine customers.

Cost savings: Investing in retail security tags can save retailers money by minimising losses due to theft. It also reduces the need for additional security personnel.

Retail security tags work using different technologies, but the most common ones include radio frequency (RF) and electromagnetic (EM) systems.

RF tags contain a microchip and an antenna that emit a signal at a certain frequency.

EM tags, on the other hand, use magnetic strips that activate an alarm when passing through detection systems.

These tags are deactivated or removed at the checkout counter using a specialised device.

Clothing security tags typically work using radio frequency (RF) technology. They consist of a tag housing that contains an electronic circuit and an antenna.

When a garment with a security tag attached passes through an RF detection system at the store's entrance or exit, it activates the tag, and if it has not been properly deactivated, an alarm is triggered.

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