Underfloor Security Systems

Underfloor Security Systems

Tagmax is a British Company dedicated to the nationwide sales, installation and service of Security Tagging Systems, CCTV Solutions, Retail Analytics and Loss Prevention software to the Retail industry.

58 KHZ Floor Mat

  • A hidden solution for entrances up to 12metres wide
  • Catch thieves of guard as they leave the store.
  • Ideal for retailers who want a discreet security solution
  • or where store design dictates that security pedestals simply will not do.
  • This solution opens up the front of the store and leaves the customer entrance less congested.
  • The system is totally concealed in the floor protecting the entrance
  • without the need for pedestals.
  • The 58Khz Floor mat system works in conjunction with hard tags only and a range of accessory tags
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Detection heights typically 1100 – 1300mm from the floor
  • Low backfield area, means tagged merchandise can be closer to the door.
58 KHZ Floor Mat

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You'll know that at your retail premises, sometimes putting a visible and potentially clunky security system in place isn't the right thing to do. For a start, it'll make your genuine customers feel uncomfortable, it may take up space that otherwise would be used by your retail operations, or maybe it just doesn't fit with the aesthetics of your store?

To avoid all these potential issues, you can install a more discreet underfloor security system that will give you peace of mind in knowing that your store and its stock is protected and you are able to make customers feel more secure at the same time.

What is an underfloor security system?

An underfloor system is a more discreet type of security tagging system that can be hidden under floors, or more generally a mat, to prevent potential shoplifters from knowing you have a security system in place at the store. This is especially helpful, for example, if you don't have the space inside your store to install other security systems, or if you don't want other visitors to be alarmed by visible security systems, which may make them feel uncomfortable. It will, however, still present you with an ideal opportunity to prevent shoplifting.

How does an underfloor system work?

Electronic tags, which are placed on your products, will set off an alarm if they are taken into the area in which your underfloor security system is installed, as they will be sensed by the system. The tags can be deactivated or removed at the point of purchase, giving genuine customers no worries of being embarrassed as they exit the store. This will then leave it open for you to pursue anyone who will set the alarm off, safe in the knowledge that they aren't a genuine customer who has just paid for their items.

Keep your store safe with Tagmax

At TAGMAX we stock a wide range of underfloor security systems that are designed to protect you and your business. For more information on this or any of our other retail security systems services, please don't hesitate to call us on 0800 044 3160 or 07770 870 875 or e-mail us at sales@tagmax.co.uk

Frequently Asked Questions

Hidden Installation: The system is concealed beneath the floor, making it difficult for potential intruders to identify or tamper with the security measures in place.

Comprehensive Coverage: The sensors and detectors can monitor a wide area, providing comprehensive coverage and detecting any disturbances across the entire floor space.

Early Detection: The system can detect unauthorized access attempts at an early stage, allowing for prompt response and minimizing potential damage or loss.

Discreetness: The discreet nature of underfloor security systems makes them suitable for installations in high-profile or aesthetically sensitive environments, such as museums, galleries, or historical buildings.

Underfloor security systems use a combination of various sensors and technologies to monitor and protect the floor space.

These systems typically include pressure sensors, motion detectors, seismic sensors, or even fibre-optic cables that can detect vibrations or movement.

Underfloor security systems are designed to be highly reliable and provide accurate detection of unauthorized access or intrusions.

Regular maintenance, testing, and calibration are also essential to ensure the system remains in optimal working condition.

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